When firefighters in Louisville, Nebraska took the peculiar call, at first they thought it must be a prank.

The caller explained to them that Kora, his Great Dane, had gotten stuck in a tree. But, when the Elmwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue, as well as the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department, made it to the scene, they soon realized that it wasn't a joke.

Wes McGirk, Kora's owner, arrived home one evening to find his dog Kora wasn't there. According to WOWT NBC Omaha, McGirk searched everywhere in his house and yard, only to find her in a place that he never could've expected: over his head.

Once firefighters reached the scene, they had to think of a creative solution to bring Kora down safely. They decided that the best course of action would be to harness her and slowly lower her to the ground. They also held a tarp below her, just in case.

Thank goodness they had the foresight to use the tarp, because it was that which broke Kora's fall when the harness failed.

Take a look at the video below, posted by the Elmwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue to see Kora's nerve-racking rescue:

Thank goodness, Kora walked away unscathed and is now safe and sound. And, just like one of the responding firefighters told WOWT about the rescue, "It's one of those that we'll talk about down here for a long time."

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