Ten years ago a fisherman in the Philippines came across a giant pearl and kept it underneath his bed for good luck.

All that time the fisherman has had a pearl worth an estimated $100 million dollars and he didn't even realize what he had! 

It could possibly be the luckiest find of all time! According to the fisherman, he found the rare discovery when his ship's anchor became stuck on a giant clam while off the coast of Palawan Island.

Jumping into the water he freed the anchor and pulled the clam aboard with him where he found the giant 75-pound pearl inside.

What are the odds?! 

The pearl is 1 foot wide and 2.2 feet long, and is the largest recorded pearl. It was produced by the world's largest bivalve, Tridachna gigas.

The fisherman didn't realize just how valuable the gem was, and thought it best just to keep it underneath his bed as a good luck charm.

After having it for 10 years, he had to move due to a fire and presented the pearl to his aunt.

His aunt, who's a tourism officer, saw the pearl and realized right away that it was something special.

She made the decision to give the gem to the local Palawan government in an effort to bring tourists to the area.

You can now see the pearl on display in the New Green City Hall in Puerto Princesa in the western Philippines.

Take a look at the video below:

OMG! What a find! This pearl is absolutely incredible!

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