61 year old, Jung Myoung Sook is probably one of the bravest people you'll ever meet. She's also one of the most selfless, thinking not of herself, but of the dogs that she has rescued and saved from certain death.

Over the past 26 years, Jung has spent her life rescuing dogs in South Korea, a place where dogs are thought of more as a food item than as a pet. At the moment, she is living on a large compound, spending her time tending to the over 200 dogs that she has rescued. Before that, she moved seven times because the neighbors complained about the dogs barking and making too much noise. But, she is undaunted by those complaints, and the lack of understanding shown to her by her community. Her love for these dogs, is much more important and their complaints aren't stopping her from saving lives.

In an interview: Jung told the Associate Press:

"My babies aren't hungry. They can play and live freely here. Why is that beggar-like middle-aged woman smiling all the time, but I just focus on feeding my babies. I'm happy and healthy."

And thanks to her, hundreds of dogs are happy and healthy also! Watch the video below to learn more about Jung's lifesaving work.

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