This adorable little Morkie, named Wicket, has got to be one of the happiest dogs in the whole wide world!

Wicket is a ball pit, loving pup, and it's obvious that he was born to be wild!

I'm not really sure what the special occasion was here, a birthday party, or perhaps just another day, but needless to say, whatever it was, this was obviously one of the best surprises EVER!

Wicket's reaction to his ball pit is absolutely priceless!

This ball pit diving morkie has a ruff life

In the video below we can see just how much Wicket's owner must love him. Wicket is a Morkie, which is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier, and this little dog has lots of toys to choose from, but without a doubt, his favorite is his custom-built mini ball pit.

Take a look at the adorable and hilarious video below to watch Wicket having fun and enjoy!

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