We all know that elephants never forget, especially when it comes to kindness that people show to them. Take, for example, this adorable baby elephant, who's found his new favorite person in all the whole wide world! It's so much fun to watch them interact with one another!

The baby elephant obviously doesn't have a clue how strong or heavy he really is, and all he wants, is to sit on his favorite human's lap and snuggle, just like a puppy would!

All this BIG baby wants is cuddling and back rubs! And once he steps away from his favorite person for a few seconds, he immediately comes right back to him and sits on his lap again!

This adorable baby thinks he's just a tiny thing and doesn't realize how much he weighs or that it's almost more than his favorite person can handle. All he's worried about is being as close to him as possible! Just as long as the cuddles, hugs, and back rubs keep coming, this little elephant is the happiest baby in the world!

Watch this adorable video:

Aren't these two friends just wonderful with each other? It's incredible to watch them shower each other with love!

This baby will have lots of sweet memories to dream about tonight! I hope he remembers just how loved he really is!

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