When A North Carolina family's beloved dog went missing, they feared the worst, but he actually just wanted to go and hang out with his friends.

Last week, when their 5-year-old golden retriever, Riley, managed to escape through an unlocked gate in the family's backyard, the family was devastated - until they received a phone call from their local doggie daycare center Happy Dog Cafe.

It appears that Riley had simply walked there to play with friends.

Take a look at the story in the video below:

Tonya Mosteller, Riley's owner, told a local news station that the family had gone for a drive earlier in the day, and they had driven right past the daycare. Riley had seen a group of dogs playing together.

Later on that day, undoubtedly because he was being plagued by fears that he was missing out on all of the fun, he made the decision to just go and join them.

The daycare called the Mostellers right away to let them know that Riley was just fine - and chillin' with 26 of his best doggie buddies.

Teresa McCarter, the owner of the daycare also suggested that, since Riley had worked so hard to get there, walking a mile to play, it would probably be best if they let him hang out there for a little while.

"He got a free day of daycare and he worked really hard for that day," she said.

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