Some children who have talent, have it simply because they start practicing at a very early age. That was precisely the case for some adorable twins who came up with the cover hit song, I'm Yours.

The young children in the video below are from North Korea. They're so young, they can hardly hold their guitars. However, that doesn't prevent them from sharing their love of music with others.

Take a few moments to look at the video and see their incredible talent!

Soon, you'll be seeing several children as they patiently sit on stage, ready to show everyone their hidden talent, a talent that's never been seen by anyone, anywhere else in the world.

Everyone of them can finger-pick like a pro and they all have perfected the Spanish style.

These little children are so small that they can't even wrap their arms around their instruments correctly! But they play so beautifully and are so in sync that lots of adult musicians would be jealous of their amazing skill.

The group plays splendidly, and they alternate between quiet and loud without hesitating. It doesn't surprise me that this video has taken the Internet by storm!

One fan said, "This is amazing. I couldn't even tie shoe laces at that age." Another joked, "I have never imagined guitars can play themselves! Did you see anyone play them?"

Take a look:

OMG! How adorable are these babies? What an unbelievable talent they all possess! Have you ever seen anything like this?

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