Any animal that's trained with love and affection, will do whatever their owner asks of them! And the video below is all the proof you'll ever need of it!

In the video, a horse and dog trainer performs with his two beautiful horses and his two adorable dogs for the audience. Not once does he order them around to make them do their tricks. Instead, he shows the animals so much love that they respond and communicate with him flawlessly.

They understand exactly what he wants them to do, and when the performance is over, the trainer lies down and gives his horse a sweet kiss. It's got to be the most memorable moment of the entire performance.

In my lifetime, I've seen lots of performances featuring horses, but this particular show has got to be the most captivating one I've ever watched. I absolutely LOVED the way their owner lavished unconditional love on his beloved animals.

Take a look at the enchanting video below, and let us know what you think about their performance in the comment section:

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