Landon, as well as his family, were visiting Santa at the RiverTown Crossings mall in Michigan when the little six-year-old went to ask Santa a very important question.

Landon Has A Secret

After taking a family photo with Santa, Landon ran back over to Santa. His arms were twitching with suspense and sheer excitement. He was getting ready to ask Santa something that made him extremely nervous.

"Will my autism put me on the naughty list?"

Landon was worried that his mental condition could possibly rub Santa and his elves the wrong way, but little Landon couldn't have been more wrong!

Without a second thought, Santa replied with an incredible answer, reported WOOD-TV.

"You know I love you and the reindeer love you and it's OK. You're a good boy. You're a good boy, you know?"

Landon's nervous energy disappeared right away and Naomi, his mom, sat nearby watching in amazement as Santa soothed her son.

She said that Santa perfectly explained to her son what she's been trying to teach him since he was born - he's not any better or worse than any other person just because of his mental condition.

He's a good person and Santa made that perfectly clear by saying these five words, which made everything alright again: "It's OK to be you!"

Love And Acceptance 

Santa's  words really seemed to resonate with Landon. For at least five minutes more, he and Santa sat there talking to each other about Landon's interests and the wonderful Christmas season.

Santa gave the little boy his undivided attention and he answered every question that was presented to him with that signature jolly demeanor of his.

Santa says to just "Be Yourself"

Naomi was ecstatic to see that her son was soaking in Santa's lesson.

"Here was Landon, sitting with Santa and being told that it was ok to be himself. Mommy tells him all the time that he's special and I love him the way he was made, but it's always nice to hear it from others."

That encouragement from such an important figure warmed their hearts and provided Landon with the boost of confidence that he so desperately needed.

A Different List

This year Santa was included on one very special list, at least as far as Naomi and her amazing son were concerned.

"We have met a lot of amazing people in our Autism journey, but this one made the top of the list."

His sensitivity and concern were unmatched, and his willingness to give this child a little extra time with him showed how much he really cared about this sweet boy.

Kindness At Christmas

Take a look at the video below to see Landon's story, but take heed, you may need a big box of Kleenex with you because this precious little boy and his experience with The Big Man will certainly have you tearing up.

Santa's Absolutely Right

This Christmas, Landon can rest easy, knowing that he's cherished by not just Santa, but Mrs. Claus, the elves and the reindeer too - all thanks to a wonderful white-bearded man!

Santa helped Landon to understand that just because someone looks, thinks, acts or talks differently than everybody else doesn't make them bad people.

As we go about our business this holiday season, let's take a little time to give a few extra hugs to others that truly need it!

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