This little two-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero after rescuing his brother, who became trapped underneath a dresser after it fell on top of him.

The frightening event took place as the boys played in their bedroom around 8 o'clock in the morning. One of the little boys attempts to climb up on top of the chest of drawers.

Stepping into one of the open drawers, he begins trying to climb up, however, the chest of drawers couldn't bear the weight of the toddler and it fell forward, right on top of him, effectively pinning him underneath! 

Seeing that his brother was hurt and in distress, the twin brother jumps into action. In the video below, the boy is trapped for over a minute as his brother tries to come up with a plan to free him.

After a while, the little boy tries lifting the heavy chest of drawers himself, and finding that too difficult, he decides to slide or push the heavy piece of furniture off! This idea works and he finally succeeds in freeing his brother! 

The boys' parents didn't even hear any loud noises and it was only after seeing the fallen dresser on the room's surveillance camera that they figured out that something bad had happened. 

Take a look at the harrowing video below to see the entire frightening incident unfold: 

What a very lucky little boy he was to not have been seriously injured and to have had his brother there to help him.

Understandably, the video is greatly upsetting to their mom, Kayli Schoff, who told Time, "I just kind of felt ashamed and embarrassed as a parent. I could have prevented this." So, in an effort to warn other parents to properly secure their furniture, she decided to come forward and share the video.

"I think it's a complete miracle, honestly." says Schoff of her son's accident. "It comes down on his head really hard," she said. "Not even a little scratch or a bruise. We were lucky."

Tragically, this sort of accident claims the lives of roughly one child every two weeks! All too often, children are crushed to death after climbing on furniture around the house that isn't properly anchored, whether it's a book shelf, dresser or TV stand.

Find out more about child-proofing your home in the video below. Fortunately for the Schoff family, no one was seriously injured! 


Wow! This really could have ended tragically! We're so happy that both of the little boys are fine, but it sure is an eye-opening video!

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