We all know that baby elephants are adorable, but baby elephants playing are the most adorable things EVER!

This baby Asian elephant, named Faa Mai, somehow obtained a beautiful blue ribbon and discovered a fun new hobby! Spinning and twirling the ribbon, this elephant reveals to us that, no matter how simplistic our lives may be, we can still manage to have a wonderful time!

When baby Asian elephants are born, they weigh around 220 pounds (100 kilograms), and it drinks its mother's milk for as many as three years. During this time, the baby's mother will take care of her calf and she won't mate or reproduce until the baby is ready to be weaned (basically, turning 18 and moving out of the house). With time, the weaned baby can grow up to 7.7 short tons (7 tonnes).

Asian elephants are a lot like humans. They are self-aware and they show a wide variety of emotions, such as sadness, imitation, kindness, and even tool use, along with many others. Many different studies have put elephants into the same category as the great apes when it comes to tool use and tool making.

This may be the reason that this baby elephant enjoys wielding her blue ribbon. Of course, even kittens enjoy playing with ribbons, so I guess maybe we shouldn't read much more into this than simple play.

Take a look at this adorable baby elephant as she plays so excitedly with her pretty blue ribbon! She's going to steal your heart!

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