The video below has got to be one of the most adorable animal encounters I've ever seen! This tiny koala and the butterfly that she strikes up an unlikely friendship with, at Symbio Wildlife Park, near Sydney, are captivating!

The koala, named Willow, became curious when a Symbio Wildlife Park employee began filming a monarch butterfly on a flower. The inquisitive joey came running over and nuzzled the butterfly to say hello.

The butterfly, in return, flew onto the joey's nose and introduced itself to its new friend. Once there the butterfly remained perched either on the koala's nose or on her forehead. 

'Before we knew it, it actually flew onto Willow's head and then stayed there for ages,' said marketing manager, Kevin Fallon in an interview with ABC.

'We just never thought in a million years that would happen and Willow's reaction would be so priceless.'

According to Mr. Fallon, Willow is one of seven koalas living there at Symbio in Helensburg, which is about 45 kilometers south of Sydney.

The little koala was born right there at the park about a year ago and Mr. Fallon said that she's a little more affectionate and more independent than the other koalas.

'But she's an absolutely adorable little girl and just loves people,' he said. 

Take a look and prepare to melt!

Isn't this incredible?! What a sweet encounter! It's enough to give you a toothache! LOL!

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