Take a look at the absolutely hilarious footage of this one-year-old Golden Retriever, named Enzo. He's riding in the very back of the car on a trip through San Juan in Puerto Rico. And the poor pup is totally freaked out!

The adorable doggie isn't sure what to think of that crazy  windshield wiper. Usually, Enzo is calm, cool and collected, about everything that is, except, the vacuum cleaner! But then this dreaded windshield wiper came along!

The entertaining footage shows the one-year-old pup as he goes berserk every time that wiper sweeps up to swipe the rear door window. Whenever the wiper goes up, the dog ducks, dives, dips and dodges in an amusing attempt to avoid it.

Even though his owner attempts to reassure him, Enzo is just too freaked out to sit up straight. Enzo's owner wrote, 'It was raining, and I was in my car, and I notice my dog goes down every time the car wiper swings.' She also stated, 'He isn't scared of anything except the vacuum cleaner, and now this'.

When the footage was posted on Instagram, the owner added: (sic) 'The moment you find out your dog is scared of such a stupid thing...of a car wiper!'

Take a look at the hilariously adorable video below:

Poor Enzo! I guess it was a very long ride! LOL! I think that all pets get freaked out from time to time.

Sometimes they're frightened of the most unusual things too! My dogs totally freak out at the sight of bubble wrap! They hate it! What about your pet?

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