Alright, it's four o'clock in the morning and the kids are already charging down the stairs! Is everything ready? Did Santa make sure to leave all the presents around the Christmas tree?

In most homes, Christmas morning is probably the most magical and family-orientated time of the year, so rather than dreading the moment, it should be embraced and looked forward to with anticipation and excitement!

The following guide will help to ensure that your Christmas Morning is a complete success!


1. Be prepared.

Christmas morning actually begins the night before. Nothing should have to be done on that day, so make sure that you've taken care of everything before you go to bed:

Be sure that the kiddies are in bed at a decent time. Remember the saying, 'Early to bed, early to rise,' just make sure it's not too late because you wouldn't want to be stuck working late into the night.

Have the kids prepared for bed at a reasonable hour, one that suits your needs for the night, but don't forget to let them leave Santa his milk and cookies by the fireplace before they've gone to bed for the night! 

If you haven't already done so, gather all of the gifts together and wrap them making sure to carefully check that each present is correctly addressed, and from the correct sender.

2. Smile a lot, if you smile your family will too, and make those memories last forever, treasure them and don't ever forget!

Display the presents underneath the tree. Remember that presentation is the key, there isn't anything that a child enjoys more than seeing all of their presents piled up and ready to open in the morning! 

The stockings can be filled with the smaller presents.

Be sure to have a clear, open area in which to unwrap gifts. The wrapping paper has a way of quickly turning your living room into what looks like a war-zone, so make sure that there's a suitable container close by to throw recyclables into.

If you have the good fortune of being home when Santa calls, don't forget to remind him that his milk and cookies will be waiting!

3. Make sure to get a good night's rest. 

Come to grips with the fact that you've got an early morning ahead of you. There isn't anything more exciting to a child than waking up on Christmas Morning, and once they're awake they can only contain their excitement for so long.

4. If at all possible, get up early, before the children wake. 

Getting started with your day nice and early and really getting into the Christmas spirit won't just ensure that all of the festivities go much smoother, but it also provides an opportunity to make any last minute preparations that are needed.

It's also a good time to check and make sure that nothing important has been overlooked.

Create a cheerful ambiance by playing a Christmas CD and serving hot chocolate to everyone.

This will really put the finishing touches on the morning's magic.

5. Get everyone together around the Christmas tree. 

Make sure that everybody's seated and ready to go before you even touch the first present. When everyone there is ready, and the camera is in your hand, take turns opening presents.

The younger kids are going to be the most impatient to open their presents so you can start with the youngest child and then work your way up, making sure to include the adults. Everyone opens up one present and then the cycle continues.

Doing it this way guarantees that you get to take all of those special pictures you want, and it also gives everybody an equal amount of time to have fun as they open their presents. This always helps to avoid any disputes.

As each present is unwrapped, dispose of the wrapping paper right then, as this helps to make clean-up easier.

6. It's a good idea to open up every present before they're played with. 

The older kids will want to run out and plug in their new video game console and the younger children will surely badger you about putting batteries into their newest toy, but just stand firm and make sure that every child has opened all of their gifts and that they've helped to straighten-up beforehand.

This really helps the proceedings to run smoothly.

7. The most important thing of all? Enjoy yourself!

Christmas isn't just for the children. It's a special day for everyone to have a little family-bonding fun!

Get involved, join your children as they play with their new toys, grab that second Xbox controller, and help the little ones build their Lego fort. It won't hurt to postpone dinner for another hour!

Christmas is a very special day to spend time with family and friends, having a game plan would definitely help to make the experience more enjoyable.

Do you have any Christmas traditions that take planning and preparation?

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