If you're lucky enough to own a Pacific parrotlet, or any other adorable birdie for that matter, who has the patience to put up with this harmless silliness, and you happen to have a couple of extra feathers just lying around, perhaps at the bottom of the cage or the floor beneath it, you may just want to give this trick a try! It's a DIY, 'turn your birdie into a bunny trick!' 

Now, granted, not every parrotlet is going to enjoy this trick!

And in cases such as these, we're not responsible for any injuries you might sustain while attempting the transformation, lol!

But, chances are your birdie will consider the metamorphosis quite enjoyable, a nice scratch behind the head! So go ahead, give it a try! 

Take a look at the adorable video below for complete instructions:

How precious! Isn't he just the cutest little thing?!

If you attempt this transformation on your own bird, please make sure to post pics in the comments so that we can all see your bunny bird!

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Let's spread the smiles!