The last place on earth that you'd expect to find a 2 pound puppy is curled up next to a dumpster in a parking lot, right?

Well, sadly that's exactly where a Good Samaritan found tiny Squidget!

The kind-hearted hero who found shy little Squidget immediately called the Michigan Humane Society rescue hotline for help.

Once they arrived on the scene, the MHS rescue worker was able to safely capture the scared pooch and take her to the Detroit Center for Animal Care where she received the care she so desperately needed.

Once Squidget was at the shelter, she was seen by an MHS veterinarian, given her vaccines and weighed.

Even though she was in pretty good health, the vet recommended that she be put with a foster family to help her gain a little weight.

Squidget was recently adopted and is now living in her loving forever home! 

What an amazing little survivor! She may be very small but I'm sure that this sweet baby touched everyone's hearts in a big way! What do you think about her amazing rescue story?

I'm so happy that she's found her forever home!

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