One can only hope to be as carefree and happy as this dog! 

It's difficult to imagine anyone, whether human or canine, looking as completely and totally serene and content as Toto the dog does while he's getting his massage treatment.

Toto just lies there, almost motionless as his masseuse massages his face, his ears and even stretches his legs. The look on his face is a glimpse into paradise, complete ecstasy!

I'm not exactly sure what this doggie did to deserve such pampering, but I promise I'll be good if I can have one just like it! (In this life and in the next).

Take a look at this adorable video, posted on July 3, in Bangkok, according to YouTube:

Looks like he's in Heaven doesn't it? And he's just as cute as can be!

No wonder he's getting the royal treatment! I think that every dog deserves a day just like this one is having, one filled with peace, serenity and tranquility.

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