Animals can sense things way before humans can. They can even tell when a human or another animal isn't feeling well. When I was a kid, I remember our beagle would lay underneath our beds and follow us all around the house if we stayed home from school sick.

When Megan Sorbara found these three kittens, they were just like this, all cuddled up together. 

The two adorable little tabbies were doing their best to keep their sister warm and safe. In spite of the fact that the day was hot and it was the middle of summer, the tiny white kitten was shaking and cold.

Megan could see that the little white kitten was extremely weak and wasn't even able to stand up.

When the kittens were brought to Naples Cat Alliance, in Florida, everyone there could plainly see that the white kitten had a tilt to her head and she was also suffering with balance issues.

But otherwise, the kitten had a good appetite and she'd roll around to move to other places.

Each of the kittens was given a name. The two tabby kittens were called Pistachio and Praline and the white kitten was named Coconut.

Megan took her new responsibilities seriously and cared for them around the clock.

Each time she'd go to check on them, Pistachio and Praline were always snuggled up close to Coconut.

Everyone was looking out for the babies' momma in the hopes that they could be reunited.

But, until that day, Coconut, and her siblings could count on Bitsy, the cat loving dog, to foster them! 

Bitsy took care of Coconut and helped her get stronger by making sure that she stretched, moved and climbed. 

Incredibly, the momma cat was able to be found and she was reunited with all of her babies! 

They decided to call the momma cat, Vanilla Bean and she was one happy little momma! She had all of her babies back!

What an absolutely adorable little family! We're so happy that the kittens were able to be reunited with their real mommy!

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