Everyone meet Mac and Cheese. Nope, I'm not pulling your leg, that's really this adorable kitten's name. He was named after being brought into the rescue center in a macaroni and cheese box.

And I think it suits him just fine! After all, he's the perfect color and the name is unique and cute, just like him. So, we'll accept this odd name and move along. 

Sadly, at only 5 weeks old, Mac and Cheese suffers with paralyzed rear legs, although they haven't stopped him from being able to get around.

This is because the kitten has his very own specially made wheelchair that gives him freedom of movement.

The wheelchair is homemade out of pieces from an erector set, and it allows Mac and Cheese to zoom around to his hearts content!

Take a look at the hilariously adorable video below:

Fortunately, Mac and Cheese's paralysis isn't going to last forever. And he's undergoing physical therapy now, which will teach him to move about and give him the use of his back legs!

Once he's able to move around on his own, Mac will be adopted out to a loving family where he can live his happily ever after! 

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