This Chevy commercial called "Maddie," was created by The Herd Films and Lloyd Lee Choi and it perfectly captures the lifetime of love shared between a girl and her dog. But, you'd better prepare yourself, because tears are inevitable.

The dog's name is Maddie and throughout the clip she's with the girl, through each and every milestone.

They share in all of life's challenges and triumphs: graduation, breaking up with a boyfriend, and of course, learning how to drive a car. Obviously, the commercial had to include a car in it somewhere, right? 

The story line drives home (no pun intended) the theme, which appears to be that, just like the girl's Chevy, Maddie is there with her through thick and thin, every step of the way.

It seems as though Chevy has effectively tugged at every dog lover's heartstrings with this sweetly sentimental commercial. 

Take a look at the touching commercial in the video below, but we're warning you, have a tissue ready!

This commercial, featuring Maddie, the sweet Golden Retriever, is a poignant story that unfolds in reverse chronological order, opening at the end of the dog's life, and closing at the beginning, at puppyhood.

It's beautifully written and produced and it does a fair job of making the point that your Chevy - seen throughout - is also "A best friend for life's journey."

However, I'm not so sure that by blatantly manipulating its viewers' love for a dying dog, Chevy could get people to buy a car. What do you think?

Does this commercial make you want to buy a car or does it make you want to go out and adopt a dog? LOL!

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