Dogs have a very interesting history with the United States Postal Service. The cliché, of course, is that the pups will chase down any carrier just for the fun of it… especially if it’s a paper boy on a bike!

There are also those dogs, however, that like to fetch the morning paper for their owner. This is another cliché, but a much cheerier one. Picture a man or a woman in his or her pajamas and bathrobe, sitting at the table while drinking a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice while their toast browns up in the toaster. Then, enter the pooch with the folded up paper in her mouth. She’d gone out the doggie door to fetch it for her owner. How sweet!

This pup, however, falls somewhere in between these two scenarios. He’s definitely very interested in the mail carrier, and is ready to pounce the second he reaches the door. He’s also very eager to retrieve the mail for his owner.

After waiting patiently by the mail slot on the front door, this Boston terrier sees that someone’s approaching the doorstep. He wastes absolutely no time when he sees something poking through that small slot.

This is definitely time-efficient, but I’m not sure that his mom or dad will be able to read any of their letters or pay any of their bills after this pup is finished with them!