The relationship shared between a man and his dog is a truly extraordinary one. But the bond that develops between a soldier and a dog is unbreakable.

While Sgt. Chris Duke was serving in Afghanistan a suicide bomber tried to attack his base in the middle of the night. Fortunately, Sgt. Duke's life was saved because of the three stray dogs that had been adopted by the soldiers. The three loyal dogs sounded the alarm by barking at the intruder.

But, Rufus, Target and Sasha did much more than just howl. They actually put themselves between the bomber and their soldier friends, literally blocking him from coming into the camp. As they attacked him they caused the bomb to detonate before the bomber could enter the building.

Because of their faithful protection, all 50 of the soldiers inside the building survived the attack. Sadly, however, Sasha was killed, dying from the injuries that she had so heroically sustained.

When Duke returned home from his tour, he made it his mission, going above and beyond to make sure that Rufus and Target would be safe and sound. He worked to ensure that the two dogs could come home to America from Afghanistan.

He reached out to an organization called Hope for the Warriors, and through them, he was finally able to bring his furry heroes home, where they belonged!

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So happy that Target and Rufus are safe at home now! And courageous little Sasha, may your heroic act never be forgotten, Thank You!

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