It all began back in 1958, January 28th to be exact. That's when the patent was filed that would transform playtime for children and cause their parents some of the most agonizing pain imaginable...

It was on that fateful day, that the Lego brick was created. Since then, over 400 billion Lego pieces have been made. That's enough bricks to give 62 to every person on the planet! And each second that goes by, about 7 Lego sets are sold.

And of course, if you're the parent of a Lego lover, you know full well that the agonizing pain mentioned above is when your bare foot comes into contact with the stray Lego that didn't make it back into its Lego box. Ouch! However, most of the time, Lego's bring nothing but happiness.

What parent doesn't enjoy  watching their children play, create, build and solve problems with their Legos?

But I wonder if you've ever watched an Orangutan build something out of Legos?

Orangutans are very intelligent creatures, and they're born with a surprising ability to reason and think. They share almost 97% of the same DNA as humans. As a matter of fact, the native people of Indonesia and Malaysia called them, "orang hutan" which actually means "person of the forest."

You'll love watching the incredible primate in the video below as he builds, first a strong foundation and then an extremely tall tower!


Aren't orangutans wonderful creatures? They're so smart and amazingly clever!

You can actually see his thought process and it's incredible to watch as his building grows taller and taller!

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