We all love to look at pictures of kids sleeping with their puppies or kittens, right? Or how about a cat and a dog napping together? The sweetness on their little sleeping faces is perfection. The way they trust each other enough to fall asleep together in each other's company is incredible.

Everyone remembers Koko, the gorilla, and her kittens, right? I mean, who knew that gorillas and kittens could get along so wonderfully together?

Well, the video below shows another primate and her kitten falling asleep together. Shaki, the monkey, came across a stray kitten and decided that she should just take the little guy home with her, so she adopted him!

What a lucky kitty! Shaki is shown here with her arm wrapped around the kitten as she struggles to stay awake so that she can look after him.

Take a look at these sweeties as they snuggle up to get some shut eye for the night:

You can see that she nods off and then quickly opens her eyes just to make sure that her 'baby' is still safe and sound.

I don't think that the kitten is as sleepy as Shaki is, but he seems happy enough to lay there in the security of Shaki's snuggles!

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