Horses come in a wide variety of colors. Some of the colors are breed standard, while other coats come in colors that are so unique it would be almost impossible to recreate them.

This tiny, new foal's name is Lady Nadira. She is what you get when you breed a bay leopard haflinger and gypsy, which is quite a rare breed in North America.

The result of this combination gives her the cookies and cream, ice-cream outcome you see here. Watch her prance around in the video below as she follows her owner around on her horse.

She's so cute, and what makes Lady Nadira even more special is that she gets along quite well with the doggies that she lives with. This friendliness makes for some delightful and totally adorable moments that will help her to interact with others in the future.

Take a look at the enchanting video below:

Her older half-brother is every bit as beautiful as little Nadira is. She'll always have someone to watch out for her and to keep her from getting into too much trouble.

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