Jaguars are frequently described as being one of the few big cats that love to take a dip in the water every once in a while, another is the tiger. And since Jaguars' natural habitats are in places like swamps, swimming can be an especially useful skill to have.

The video of one of these big cats diving in water about 5 feet deep makes for quite a sight. It does give a whole new meaning to the word 'catfish', when you see just how at home this cat is in the water.

Amazing isn't it? And it gets even better too. This diving jaguar even decides to start nibbling on something that he found at the bottom of the pool.

Apparently, jaguars can hold their breath for quite some time, all while engaging in various underwater activities.

It seems that jaguars are pretty buoyant, and they have to keep swimming down in order to stay under.

Take a look at the incredible video of this beautiful cat's underwater expedition:

And if you  just can't get enough of swimming jaguars, take a look at yet another jaguar going for a swim in the video below:

So, there you have it, swimming jaguars! Aren't they magnificent?

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