Julio and his brother Sam brought Duke, an eight-week-old Great Dane puppy, home to live with them in Oklahoma City, in the year 2012, and it wasn't long before Julio and Duke became best friends.

Then, in 2013, on Christmas Eve, Julio opened the door to let Duke go outside, just like he did every other day- however, on this day, Duke disappeared from the yard.

With a broken heart, Julio spent the next few days, weeks and even months doing whatever he could to track down and find his beloved Duke. After all, the Great Dane had been microchipped and registered.

Sadly, time went by and still there wasn't any sign of Duke.

Now, fast forward to March of 2016. A man named David Walker was outside on his secluded ranch located in Navasota, Texas. Then unexpectedly David noticed a Great Dane standing there in front of him, looking directly at him.

The huge dog was very friendly and enthusiastic, so David decided to bring him to the vet. And amazingly, the dog was Duke, who somehow, incredibly wound up 350 miles away from his home!

The vet informed David that Duke was healthy, but that he really needed to gain some weight.

Later on, that same day - about 800 days after Duke had gone missing as a puppy - David made a phone call to Julio with the stunning news. Julio and Sam drove the four-and-a-half hours from Oklahoma City to Navasota to pick up Duke and bring him home.

Any uncertainty over whether or not Duke would recognize Julio was put to rest the moment that Duke heard the sound of Julio's truck engine. The reunion in the video below is absolutely heartwarming!

Life for Julio and Duke is now completely back to normal. Julio says that his furry, four-legged friend is just as silly as he ever was.

Julio will be forever grateful to David for doing the right thing. He has hope that his story will serve as an important reminder to pet owners to make sure that their cats and dogs are micro-chipped.

Take a look:

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