This dog just can't contain his excitement anymore, when his daddy tells him where they're headed. I think that if the car was just a little bigger, he would have pranced around like a pony. So, are you wondering, where they're headed? Where do you think? To the dog park of course!

Every dog I know loves to go to the dog park because it's the one place where a dog can be a dog. They get to enjoy nature and freedom and they get to run around to their heart's content!

This big guy wasn't sure where they were headed when he first got inside of the car, but as soon as his daddy tells him, you'll get a kick out of how he reacts! I think dad was very wise to wait until they were pretty close to the dog park before telling this guy where they were headed!

Take a look at this super excited pooch in the video below!

I'm not sure who's more excited the pup or his dad, but they're an amazing team aren't they? This video really shows us how much our dogs love to play and have a little fun. Evidently, this doggie has lots of fun with his dad when they go to the park. 

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