This Labrador pup may not have realized where he was heading when he first got into the car, but he still climbed aboard. Maybe he was hoping that he wasn't on his way to yet another vet visit. He would do anything to avoid those! To his utter delight, he was in for one heck of a surprise!

When he was comfortably in the car and the trip was underway, his daddy asks him if he wants to go to the park. Immediately the pup's tail starts wagging like windshield wipers on high speed! Then, he begins 'talking' to his daddy. I'm assuming that he's trying to let him know how happy he is to  be going to the dog park and NOT to the vet! And his conversation goes on and on. He's one excited pooch! Who knows, maybe he was complaining about those vet visits!

Take a look at the video below, maybe you can figure out what language he's speaking.

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