Unfortunately, bats have a pretty bad reputation. And because of their associations with the night, blood sucking, and (in all honesty) their particularly gross looking appearances, most of the time, people are usually terrified of them.

I for one have never had an aversion to bats, but my dad on the other hand can't stand these winged creatures. Well, perhaps this little bat, which is native to Cuba, will be able to turn his heart and other's minds around when it comes to bats.

The bat in the photo below is a Goblin bat. It's a very creepy name, but a cute and cuddly creature.

When they're babies they can be held on the tips of your fingers. And they're quite easy to distinguish from other bats at a very young age. That's because these little bats come equipped with the most massively expansive ears ever and they come in very handy when it comes to hearing...everything.

Goblin bat babies are so little and docile that they'll even hold on tight to your finger and fall asleep for a short nap.

These tiny bats are also characterized by that kinda goofy expression that they have on their faces all the time. Their eyes are closed, but they look like they're smiling. And it doesn't matter that their eyes are closed, because bats don't rely on eyesight anyway.

Instead they prefer to use those great big ears and echolocation to find their way around their dark world.

Most bats, including Goblin bats, to tell you the truth, are completely non-aggressive. They may not want to wear a collar and take walks around the block like your favorite animal at home, but they certainly don't want to attack you either.

These little bats are perfectly harmless! And perfectly adorable!

So, what do you think about these little creatures of the night? Would you still be afraid to come into contact with one of these the next time your outside at night, or have these adorable little guys changed your opinion of bats?

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