We've all seen those videos of dogs getting super excited that their owners have returned after having been away for a long time. And usually they're such heartwarming videos that they bring tears to our eyes. But dogs aren't the only pets that enjoy these touching moments.

This devoted kitty is proof that cats are so much more loving than they're considered to be. Just watch as he prepares to give his daddy a big surprise!

When this fur baby's daddy is about to come home, after having been away for drill duty, the kitty begins meowing like crazy. It's obvious that he knows something BIG is fixing to happen.

And once the door opens and he sees who it is, he doesn't skip a beat as he throws himself into his daddy's waiting arms. The deep rumbling of the purr that follows is enough to warm the coldest heart!

Take a look at the video and enjoy!

It's a shame that his sibling isn't as excited about daddy's return, but this kitty's enthusiasm more than makes up for the other's lack of affection!

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