After this baby Sunda pangolin was found orphaned, he has gone on to beat all the odds that were stacked against him- not just by living, but by flourishing under the care of his new human parents.

One of the endangered species that is found in Asia, this scaly young mammal, was rescued last February by the staff at Wildlife Reserves Singapore. He was alone and wandering down a road when rescuers finally discovered him, and he was so malnourished that his rescuers weren't even sure if he would make it at first.

But as it turns out he is a true survivor!

At first he was having a hard time feeding, but once he got the hang of it, the little pangolin began to thrive and grow- hanging on to his caregivers as he learned to feast on milk from a bottle.

At this point he's nearly doubled his weight and he's begun to change over from liquid to solid food, which just so happens to be pangolins' favorite delicacy: ant eggs.

According to Cheng Wen-Haur, from Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the little orphan has defied the odds, which gives his threatened counterparts in the wild hope for the future.

"Successfully raising a Sunda pangolin from such a young age is a real achievement," Wen-Haur said in a press release. "This critically endangered species has notoriously low survival rates under human care, and this experience has given us invaluable knowledge on how to care for the species."

Take a look at the video below of the baby pangolin in action. The footage was taken at a wildlife park in Singapore where the baby is now being taught how to take care of himself as an adult.

If you'd like to see more about this baby, check out this video.

Unfortunately, pangolins such as this one are under constant threat from poachers across much of Asia. They are prized for both their meat and their characteristic scales.

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