Puppy mills are among the most atrocious organizations on earth. They are notorious for keeping dogs locked away in cramped cages, under squalid conditions, and then forcing them to breed for the sole purpose of having puppies that can be sold for tremendous profits to families that are looking for pets.

But, one organization in Albany, New York, called The Companion Animal Placement Program, just struck a mighty blow to one puppy mill in the area. Seventeen dogs were rescued from the horrendous place and driven 12 hours away to freedom.

These dogs were allowed to run and play for the first time in their lives, and the happiness that you can see in them in the video below is completely wonderful!

If you would like to know how to help fight the puppy mill problem yourself, there's a very simple way to help. Adopt rescue animals! If people don't buy the mill puppies, then their profitability is non-existent. Adopting rescue animals is definitely the way to go!

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