YouTuber iluvdodge9 went outside only to find something truly horrifying perched right up on her fence. It was a huge, wild raven with some nasty looking porcupine quills pierced right into it's face and body. If she had just left the bird to its own devices, chances are pretty good that the poor bird would have died from these injuries, simple though they may seem.

But, because of the actions taken by one brave lady, this bird will live to fly another day!

When she first walked up to the bird, the woman was very cautious, naturally so. This is a wild animal after all, and it also comes equipped with a very sharp beak to boot. Somehow the animal let the mother and daughter come extremely close without flying away, smart bird! When the daughter realized that this was really happening, she decides to capture the incident for all to see.

The rescuer slowly walks up to the bird, only to have it caw-caw right in her face. The bird lets the gloved woman get very close, near enough to reach out and pull the quills out of its face, one by one.

It is quite obvious that the bird is hurting, but it doesn't fly away- knowing full well that this woman is its only chance to get the painful quills removed. It does fuss a bit, but in the end all of the quills are removed and the bird feels much better I'm sure!

As a matter of fact, the raven even hung around for the rest of the day, which was just long enough for iluvdodge9 to dub him Wilfred. Have you ever had an experience where a wild animal allowed you to come this close to it? Share your story with us in the comments.

Take a look at the video below and enjoy this sweet rescue! Thank goodness for good people like this lady, they make the world a better place!

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