Are you a cat person or a dog person? It's one of the most polarizing issues in the world and it's a debate that may never be resolved!

But it really doesn't matter what your answer to that question is, what does matter is that we all take care of our beloved furry friends and see to it that they are happy, healthy and loved! When it's all said and done, all they really need is a warm place to sleep, good food to eat, and lots and lots of love!

There are those of us who can't decide if we would rather have a dog or a cat as a pet, so we decide to have the best of both worlds and get them both!

Although cats and dogs are infamous for their lack of respect for one another, most of the time these two animals can manage to live in harmony with each other. However, once in a while, a problem will come along.

The video below is quite short, but it does a wonderful job of capturing the major difference between cats and dogs. Outside the door, is a small brown bird and he's just hopping around, blissfully unaware that right inside, all three of Mom's cats are in their "hunter mode."

The cats are sitting there stalking the bird, all of them imagining how much fun it would be to spring on this little bird and carry it back to their human for a wonderful gift. But, this is when the dog comes in.

The pup, isn't aware, at first, that the cats are all zooming in on the bird. Then he sees what the cats are staring at. And in his excitement at the sight of the little bird, he lunges forward a bit and totally ruins the element of surprise for the three hunting felines.

As a matter of fact the dog startles the cats so badly that they all jump straight up into the air from the shock and rush in every different direction in an effort to hide!

Naturally, Mom can't help but laugh at the surprise ending, and the doggie appears to be pretty darn proud of himself for warning the bird and scaring off all of the scaredy cats!

Take a look at the hilarious video and let us know if you're a dog person or a cat person in the comments section below!

Isn't this little crew absolutely adorable! I can't stop laughing! It's hard to focus on just one of them, with cats and dog flying everywhere!

They almost look like animal versions of a bowling ball and pins! LOL!

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