This past October, in Wollerau, Switzerland, Europe's first-ever rabbit-hopping championship was held.

A rabbit jumps a hurdle.

And from the looks of it, people take this lastest trend to hit Central Europe very seriously!

The winner of the overall competition was Lada Sipova-Krecova.

A lady is holding her bunny after the obstacle course.

Rabbit hopping competitions began in Sweden back around 1980 and they later spread through Europe.

These competitions include straight course, crooked course, and the high and long jump.

Take a look at the video below to see the bunnies in action:

Well, it's hard to take a competition where all of the participants are so adorable, seriously, but it really is serious business to these sweet bunnies and their owners!

What do you think about the newest craze to hit Central Europe?

Would you go to a rabbit-hopping competition?

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