You may not think a whole lot about those plastic shopping bags that you've been hoarding away in some kitchen cabinet, but this group of creative and inventive elderly ladies in Tennessee are putting these insignificant items to good use and they're helping the homeless in the process.

Introducing, "The Bag Ladies." These Union City ladies met each other about two years ago while going to church and they came up with the ingenious idea of recycling plastic bags and using them for a noble cause.

The ladies meet every Thursday morning, and they cut the donated plastic bags into strips and then tie them together in order to produce something that they've dubbed "plarn" AKA plastic yarn.

Then, the ladies use the plarn to crochet sleeping mats for homeless in the community.

"It's addictive," said Janice Akin in an interview with WPSD Local 6. "It gets to the point that you do two or three and you see, 'Hey I'm actually making a difference in someone's life,' and you want to do more."

On the Facebook page for the Union City's Second Baptist Church - which is where the women meet to make the plarn- they're have been lots of people reaching out with offers to donate their unused bags.

It takes more than 600 plastic bags to make each 3ft. by 6ft. bed and the ladies have already used thousands of bags this year. They've put together 88 mats, and some of these have gone to flood victims living in Louisiana.

And considering their age, this is no easy task. But, all of the ladies say that it's well worth the effort.

"This is not young ladies doing this," said Akin. "This is older ladies with arthritis. And believe me, I have it. It hurts."

Take a look at the video below to find out more:

What a wonderful thing these ladies are doing to help the homeless in their community and others!

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