Tree houses are truly magical things. There's just something really special about a house, way up high above it all, that you don't really live in. It's very similar to a cottage when you're just a kid, and the memories that are made while playing in one are beyond measure. If you were fortunate enough to have your own tree house as a kid, or if you could visit a friend's, you probably were looking at something fairly simple and maybe even a little rickety. Those old "made of whatever dad found" tree houses are now just a thing of the past. These secure and gorgeous tree houses can turn any yard into an oasis and make any adult feel like a kid.

1. Like Something Right Out Of Alice In Wonderland

Whimsical is the perfect word to describe this tree house! It looks as though it's literally climbing the tree it's in, and with such flair. With all those curving angles, this one's so much fun to look at, I can only imagine how much fun it would be to play in it.

2. A Tree House Shaped Like An Onion, Glad I Don't Have To Peel This One!

You know how those long, personal talks help you to peel off all of the onion layers of a person to reveal the real that can take place inside of an honest to goodness onion-shaped structure.

3. Rope Staircase And Everything...

This tree house is larger than one tree could hold, but wow, you could actually live in it! The open area underneath is also enormous and absolutely perfect for any kind of gathering you would want to host.

4. Well, It's Not In A Tree...But Made Out Of One

This cute little house is so sweet and entirely made from the dreams of young children. The carpentry skill on this beauty is on point. Just check out that natural-looking railing; the detailing is astounding.

5. For That Inner Forest Nymph In All Of Us

Is this not the cutest thing ever? D'awww, It might be a little small for actually "hanging out" inside, but a tiny, mythical creature? Why Not! They could even have friends over.

6. Oh, What I Would Give To Wake Up Here

I imagine that waking up in a place like this one would probably have you feeling like you were in a dream. Just  give yourself a good pinch, and then climb on down  the ladder, I'm sure that breakfast is served.

7. Here's One For You And Your Friends

The only drawback that I can think of to having a tree house is that, unlike a regular house, you don't have neighbors. Sometimes it's nice to just "pop on over next door" to borrow a cup of sugar. A splendid, well-connected neighborhood built high in the treetops can offer you the best of both worlds.

8. Sophisticated and Contemporary Can Also Apply Here

Now this dad has flair! If your own home has a modern, clean look, then your tree house out back should probably go with the flow. A complementary look is important, after all. This modern and practical tree house is cool and well-organized. No wasted space here!

9. Dizzying Heights

Try to imagine how long it would take to climb this thing! Most people probably wouldn't even give it a go because in all honesty it's almost hard to believe that someone even built the thing. It doesn't look safe at all, but I'll bet the view must be out of this world for anyone who would dare to ascend to the top.

10. A Sophisticated Tree House Built For Sophisticated Big Kids

For those adults out there who never got their wish for dad to build them a tree house, an itch has now been scratched. This incredible framework of fun is lovely and mature just like you are now, but it offers all the excitement that you remember from way back when. What an amazing memory making place.

11. A Real Cliffhanger

Surely this is one of those constructs that you would measure twice, and cut once. It would certainly be a bad thing to make any mistakes with this one for all of the apparent reasons in this picture. Sure do hope your good with heights!

12. This Is A Tree House That Is LITERALLY Made Out Of Tree (As Opposed To Wood)

This absolutely enchanting little dwelling or dwellings you might say, are actually woven out of these incredible trees. As the trees get bigger, they tighten into any shape that the artist desires. It looks so amazing and the possibilities are as infinite as your creativity.

Well, what do you think about these thoroughly captivating little, or in some cases not so little, tree houses? If you find them as enchanting as I do please don't forget to SHARE them with family and friends!