After this, there's no possible way that Tank, the English Mastiff, is going to be able to convince his family that he didn't have anything to do with breaking into the trash can!

When YouTuber Puckeredpetebrewery arrived at his house, after finishing up classes for the day, he was greeted by the most horrendous mess ever! There was garbage everywhere, all over the kitchen floor, and just because there are three dogs in the house didn't make it any more difficult to narrow down the list of suspects!

Poor Tank, he's got some pretty damaging evidence against him that Jed and Xena don't. Now, don't get us wrong, we're not saying that Jed and Xena didn't help Tank out, but from where we're sitting, they're most certainly not as guilty looking as poor Tank! 

Take a look and see for yourself:

OMG! I'd say that this is an open and shut case for sure! LOL! Poor Tank is most certainly looking mighty guilty!

What do you think, should Tank be charged with felony mess-making, or should he be exonerated of all charges, purely on the evidence that he is one ADORABLE defendant?

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