This precious little pup has just proven to the world that dogs can be very compassionate creatures. They do know better than to take or eat anything that doesn't belong to them. Take for instance, this crying baby. His mommy was doing her best to make him stop crying.

When the pup realizes that her efforts are in vain, he decides to try and help by giving the baby his cookie. The pup walks over to the baby and drops the cookie down right beside him. So, the mom picks the cookie up, as if she's offering it to the baby.

Then she hands it back to the dog, who proceeds to give it right back to the rightful owner! After all, he did just give it to the baby. This little pup tries so hard to calm the baby down a bit, but nothing helped. 

The mommy offers the cookie to the baby again and again, always giving the cookie back to the pup, but does the pup eat it? Nope, he won't eat it, at one point he even gives the cookie to the baby and then goes on the other side of the baby to patiently wait for him to calm down! Isn't that amazing?

I'm not so sure that any other dog would have been able to resist eating that cookie, but not this little guy, he's pretty special!

Take a look at this wonderful little baby sitter in the video below and see just how he handles this situation:

Isn't he absolutely adorable? He tried so hard, oh well, sometimes not even a yummy cookie is enough to calm a crying baby!

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