Guy Williams got a little more than he bargained for as he tried to get some footage of a handsome raccoon that frequented the area - but you can't deny that the video is much better because of it.

One evening earlier this week, 19-year-old Williams noticed that the masked animal was making his rounds on the Bellarmine University campus, in Kentucky.

He thought it might be interesting to get some up-close footage of the adorable little guy, whom he calls Stanley.

So, Williams set up his phone to record and placed it down on the ground nearby, luring the raccoon closer to it with some yummy acorns.

As it turned out, Stanley was much more interested in a free phone than he was the acorns - so he picked it up and used it to film his own getaway!

Take a look at the little thief in action:

Now this might not be exactly what Williams had in mind, but I'd say he got much better footage than he ever could have hoped for! 

In a second video, filmed by his friend, we get to see the unfortunate, would-be nature documentarian in desperate pursuit of his subject...and his phone!

Round one goes to Stanley! LOL!

Luckily, Williams later tweeted that Stanley had eventually decided to ditch the stolen phone, and he was able to recover the footage captured by the would be thief. And we're so happy that he did.

Since the clip was posted on Twitter, it's already been retweeted almost 40,000 times.

I'd say that's not bad for a raccoon's first film endeavor.

What do you think about this adorable little thief?

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