A small dog named Gobi is making headlines all over the world for the unbelievable story of how she befriended one of the runners in a marathon.

Dion Leonard is an extreme marathon runner who raced through China's Gobi desert, a 155-mile exhausting endeavor. When he was about halfway through the marathon, Leonard noticed that he had a friendly shadow, in the form of a little dog.

Staying right by his side, the little stray joined him for the rest of the race. Leonard shared his food and water with her, and she slept right next to him every night. The little dog nuzzled her way into Leonard's heart.

"We developed an unbreakable bond," said Leonard. "I knew then this was no ordinary dog and experience."

Little Gobi made her way into the hearts of "competitors, volunteers, and race crew," said Leonard, adding that, "For such a small dog, she had a massive heart."

Leonard's wife made the comment that she'd never seen her husband cross the finish line with a smile on his face. Gobi changed all of that, as the two of them happily crossed the finish line after the grueling trek. "It was an amazing experience to run into the finish line with her," recalled Leonard.

Leonard, along with his wife knew that they were going to adopt sweet Gobi, and so they set up a campaign right away to help raise the money that they'd need.

Watch their touching story here:

The couple needed to raise enough funds to help cover the medical and quarantine costs that are associated with adopting a dog from China. They called the campaign, "Bring Gobi Home," and it was hugely successful, generating over three times the necessary amount needed.

Leonard says that the money left over will be used to help other families who wish to adopt dogs.

For the time being, Gobi is still in China, waiting for the green light to begin her trip to her new home in Scotland. It's hoped that the little dog will be with the Leonard family by Christmas. As the Leonards wait for the arrival of their new friend, we wish them all the luck in the world.

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