Hi there, to all my fellow cat lovers! I've got a question for you! Do your cats love laying in the sunshine or another similarly warm spot? Of course they do! What cat doesn't? In fact, one of their highest priorities in life is looking for that perfect spot to keep warm, right next to actually dozing off.

Looks like the fur balls below will do just about anything to find that warm spot, whether it's the pavement warmed by the sun, your laptop, that spot by the window where the sunlight shines in, and many others too I'm sure! You just have to see these little cuties relishing their naps in these places or just hanging out soaking up that lovely warmth.

We're fixing to make your day once again, with these 25 kitties who promise to chase away the chill and warm your heart as they doze in their warm places. Enjoy!

1. Talk about the purrfect life!

2. Wow! Doesn't he look majestic?

3. I've finally found the warm spot.

4. The sequel to the purrfect life!

5. This is my warm spot, that's right, all mine!

6. Oh how I love you sunshine...

7. This has got to be the best place in the new house!

8. You're my best friend!

9. I don't mind sharing the warmth.

10. Nobody and I mean nobody better take this spot from me!

11. He's the boss, that's why!

12. A Purrfect fit!

13. A rainbow-colored coat of warmth!

14. The purrfect kitty lure

15. Everybody's got a cozy spot!

16. These old heaters must be awfully comfy for napping.

17. This must be the line for sunshine!

18. This cozy laptop is mine now human.

19. I think my cat may be a pyromaniac.

20. Soaking in the last sun-warmed spot of the day.

21. Staying warm is easier with a friend!

22. Who needs a laptop when you've got a lamp?

23. Sooo cozy

24. You don't mind if I just lay right here do you?

25. A spot for everyone

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