For the last 5,000 years now, donkeys have been used by man as working animals. According to veterinarian, Nora Matthews, who just spent 15 years researching them, donkeys have many worthy attributes in them.

She says that donkeys are more intelligent than horses and they aren't frightened as easily.

They're often used as guard animals, too! Donkeys are known to be very gentle, loving creatures and they're easy to train.

The video below features the most adorable little donkey and he absolutely loves music. He's such a big fan that he can't help himself and starts to sing along to the tune.

One day, on a whim, this woman decided to play the violin for her donkey just to see what he would do. What happened next ending up completely surprising her. His reaction is completely incredible!

You don't want to miss this!


Oh my! He's really feeling that music down deep in his soul isn't he?!

What a wonderful singer too! LOL!

Did this little donkey's singing put a smile on your face or did he actually crack you up?

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