The sad, old horse, his ears long gone, was unwanted and destined for the slaughterhouse. 

In the United States, horse slaughter is illegal, so abandoned, sick or elderly horses are instead put into a "kill pen," where they bide their time waiting for the truck that will bring them to places where they can be slaughtered. In the case of this particular horse, that place happened to be Mexico.

So when this insightful horse wound up in a kill pen, somehow he just knew that he was going to have to save himself.

And that is when the horse, now named "Bubbles" by the rescue organization that took him in, made the decision to join a group of donkeys that were bound for rescue.

On that fateful day, Becky's Hope Horse Rescue had come to collect the donkeys only. However, when they saw the gentle old horse in amongst the donkeys, the volunteers just couldn't leave him there.

"There was no way we could leave him behind," wrote Becky's Hope Horse Rescue. Captivated by the old horse's sweet mannerism and his warmhearted  nature, they decided to keep him.

They estimated Bubbles to be about 25 years old, and speculate that he lost his ears to a nasty bout of frostbite.

In spite of the old horse's limitations, he's exceedingly gentle and relaxed. The volunteers say that he's a smart and wise old boy, and he's the perfect addition to their little community.

Bubbles also likes sharing. Ever since the story of his incredible rescue became public knowledge, it's gone viral.

Now, Bubbles receives lots of gifts from all over the country, and he's more than happy to share his gifts with the other rescued animals that share his new home with him.

As one volunteer with Becky's Hope notes, "We are an all-volunteer organization and have always been funded exclusively through donations...We have many kill pen and auction intercepted horses and donkeys here, and these donations benefit all of them."

Now, Bubbles has started his second life as an "ambassador" for other horses just like him and he's all smiles!

With his newfound fame, Bubbles serves as the perfect example of why older horses deserve to be adopted and loved. 

And this wise old horse isn't just a champion for rescue animals. He also serves as an outstanding reminder that it's never too late to begin a new adventure!

Phew! What a close call! So thankful to the wonderful angels at Becky's Hope! What a sweet and smart old horse! What do you think about his rescue?

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