When her new family first rescued her, Tink was a stray, who was struggling just to survive.

However, once she was rescued, Tink started to thrive in her wonderful new home and she came to the decision that it was the ideal place to give birth to her own sweet family.

Tink's new mom, Danielle Lopez, was just relaxing at home when she began hearing the soft meows that were coming from her family's Christmas tree.

When she came closer to the tree, she quickly realized that Tink had presented her family with an early Christmas present in the form of four adorable, little kittens.

The family decided to name the kittens, Noel, Joy, Christmas, and Faith, naturally!

The family has chosen to keep Tink's kittens, which means that she'll be able to watch her little family as they grow up in their happy, loving home. What a wonderful Christmas miracle! 

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