Salt flats are well known for their immense beauty and dreamlike qualities. Daniel Kordan, a Russian photographer, wanted to capture photos of an absolutely dark sky, so he journeyed to Bolivia, to the Salar de Uyuni, where the world's largest existing salt flats are located.

Kordan was able to capture stunning photographs of the Milky Way, as it was reflected on the flooded salt flats at night, by using a special astrophotography camera. 

And the images he captured are incredibly breathtaking.

In west-central South America, lies the Altiplano region, an area known for being wholly and utterly dark. It rises to 12,300-feet above sea level. As Kordan drove through water and salt at night, he was unable to see anything and could only feel the purr of the engine.

"It seemed that we floated in open space," Kordan told My Modern Met. "Our spaceship is parked in a distance, and stars are blinking blue, red and yellow colors. You stand in the deep night with stars above you, aside from you and underneath!"

The DSLR camera that Kordan used unleashes the colors present in the sky and it casts the reflective glow of the Milky Way onto the flats. In Kordan's description of it, he likens the sight to "space on Earth."

The lustrous, glow of the Milky Way galaxy reflected off of the plain has the appearance of something that could only exist in a dream.

Next, Kordan will head to the Faroe Islands and Greenland to lead workshops on exactly how to capture such a magical landscape, in the event you're looking to book a spontaneous creative vacation. If you'd like to see more of Kordan's spectacular photography, find it on Instagram and Facebook.

What unbelievably magical photographs! Wouldn't you love to see something like this with your own eyes?! It must be an incredible sight to behold!

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