When Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, received a call about a newborn calf that had just been dumped on the side of the road by a dairy farmer, they realized that they were in a race against time to save him. 

Sadly, when male calves are born on dairy farms, world wide, they're taken from their mothers only minutes after they're born. This is to prevent the baby from drinking even one drop of her milk.

This pitiful baby was still wet with afterbirth and Animal Aid knew that he was desperate for comfort as well as milk. It truly was a heartbreaking sight.

Once they got the baby back to the shelter, he drank his first milk, and rescuers wrote on their YouTube channel: "No baby should ever be taken from his mother, so we did everything we could to make him know he was safe and loved."

With the passing days, the little calf began to grow stronger and stronger, and he was named Dil, which means "heart" in Hindi. And after he'd spent about two months in the baby pen, Dil was finally old enough to go out and play with the big boys.

Rescuers at Animal Aid weren't sure how the baby would react, but they were all pleasantly surprised when Dil got along just fine with the others! "Whether a kitten or a calf, every life is precious," wrote the rescue.

Take a look at the incredible rescue video below and prepare to fall in love!

What a precious baby boy! So thankful to the rescuers at Animal Aid for taking care of this beautiful little calf! They truly are angels on earth!

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What a happy ending for this sweet little calf. Let's spread the smiles!