Friendships have got to be one of the most wonderful things in the world! We all know that friends can come in all shapes and sizes. And chances are you've seen a great deal of unlikely friendships in your life.

For instance, the delightful duo that's featured in the video below! In it, a tiny puppy is playing with his brand new friend- a lovely little parakeet. And although they have a few obvious differences, the two of them seem to get along incredibly well.

This sweet Sheltie pup and the tiny bird playing with him are melting the hearts of people all over the internet with their entertaining and hilarious introductions. The adorable puppy, although quite small, looks big in comparison to his new friend.

But in spite of the fact that she's much smaller, the tiny bird doesn't seem to be the least bit afraid of her new pal. It's so sweet how the puppy seems to play very gently. Perhaps he just doesn't want to hurt his new friend. 

Take a look at the adorable clip below and let us know what you  think about these two in the comments below:

Aren't these two the cutest little things?! It sure does look like the start of a wonderful friendship!

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