Lacey is an alpaca and she was raised alongside a couple of cats. Here they are snuggling up together ready to take a nap.

"Lacey was our bottle fed alpaca and grew up with the cats...and thought she was one of them :-)

She would cuddle up and sleep with them making the world's warmest pile of fuzz," said A to Z Alpacas.

Take a look at this adorable video:

Lacey is a bottle fed alpaca who grew up alongside two cats. These sweet friends love to snuggle up next to each other on the deck to take a nap.

Here she is with two of her best feline friends.

A warm and cozy pile of fuzz.

Lacey and her best friend soaking up those rays.

Lacey thinks she's just one of the cats, no different than her kitty friends.

As a matter of fact, they're inseparable!

Take a look at the video below to see Lacey introducing herself to the newest family member!

OMG! What a well manicured alpaca! LOL! Love those hot pink hooves! What do you think about Lacey and her infatuation with kitty cats?

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